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Skin Needling also known as Micro Needling

Non-Invasive Cosmetic procedure, without the knife at affordable prices

   •   Mean wrinkle depth reduced 17%
   •   Surface area of moderate wrinkles reduced 68%
   •   Surface area of deep wrinkles reduces 51%
   •   Skin roughness reduced 16%
   •   Main wrinkle volume was reduced 24%

Stimulates collagen and elastin production

   ✔   Speeds up the cell division to create new skin cells.
   ✔   It will stimulate new skin growth instead of just collagen production.
   ✔   Once the skin normalizes with a Needling Treatment it will become plumper and firmer.
   ✔   It feels like a cat’s lick.
R599 per Treatment
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mini face-lift
without the knife
Affordable ONLY R599 per Treatment
What we are about...
Micro-Needling Procedures & Cosmetic Products
*Not tested on Animals
A non-invasive Treatment to rejuvenate the skin. A device with fine (Micro) needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin which triggers the skin to create new collagen & elastin. Improves texture & firmness

For: Women, Men, All skin types & Colour

PS: Don't worry numbing cream is used!
What to expect from your FIRST Micro-Needling Treatment

1. Numbing cream is applied to the area to be treated.
2. Once your face is numb (15 mins), Micro Needling salon formula cream is applied to your skin.
3. Your skin will be tested; this will determine what depth is required.
4. Once a certain area has been completed, a specially formulated cream will be applied that goes deep within the
     dermis to penetrate within.
5. After the face has been treated (it will take + - 20 mins).  Soothing cream will be applied.
6. Once the treatment is done, it is best to go home.  Please avoid the sun.  Do not use bath salts, or wash your face
      that evening.  You can wash your face the following day and apply make-up as usual.  If you start peeling,
      you can exfoliate. Skin Redness 12-48 hours.
7. The numbing cream will start to wear off (+ - 1-3 hours), you will feel your skin tighten straight away.
8. This is where the MAGIC begins, it will take, + - 14 days to see the difference, even after 3 - 4 weeks your skin will
     improve overall.
10.  You skin will look smoother, more youthful and revitalised.
11.  You can book your next appointment, a month after your last treatment.
12.  Unlike Botox, there will be no visible or after effects on the treated areas, should you stop micro needling.
Before you Micro Needle…

  ✔    Please make sure your face is clean (free of Make-Up) before your treatment.
Please Note:

  ✔    Your face will look red after your treatment.  It will look and feel like you have sun burn.